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Submitted on
February 20, 2011


Hey guys... again :'D It's been a while since I've made an update for this, but I'd like to let both old and new members know that there's still a bit of TeniPuri activity going on on FormSpring! I check there every day for sure, and some of the other members have been answering things as well. Below is a list of all the accounts, the first section containing characters that have been active recently.

We await your questions!


Have you ever wondered what Sanada thought of the color purple? Or Tezuka's opinion on dinosaurs? Have you ever wished you could ask them personally, and get back a response?

To bring back a sense of community of a sort, I thought it would be fun to set up a series of Formspring accounts for the Prince of Tennis characters. If you've never heard of the the website, it is basically a site where you can ask someone questions, even anonymously, so you do not need to make your own account if you do not want to.

Sign up as a character and post your account here!
Don't forget to follow the other members to receive updates on your home page!

:iconperimones: Hiyoshi Wakashi ; Sanada Genichirou
:iconanacookie: Atobe Keigo
:iconsyuumitsu: Oshitari Yuushi
:iconkoshizuka: Yagyuu Hiroshi… ; Inui Sadaharu…
:iconsakura-yuki: Oshitari Kenya

shiraishi_fan67 Tooyama Kintarou

:iconmasaki-jamie: Fuji Syuusuke
:iconthegirlnamedpk: Shiraishi Kuranosuke
:iconaki-rox-fo-sho: Kikukmaru Eiji


:iconanimemangakuryujiru: Marui Bunta…
:iconreyvwen: Mukahi Gakuto ; Niou Masaharu
:iconcheese-kun-pwns: Echizen Ryoma

green_tea_river Ootori Choutarou

frauleinrose Zaizen Hikaru

:iconpotfanatic-serthia: Oishi Shuuichirou…
:iconmizak01: Yanagi Renji ; Akutsu Jin
:icongeneric-otaku-name: Itsuki Marehiko…
:iconbakedapple: Kirihara Akaya

fire_phoenix06: Tezuka Kunimitsu ; Yukimura Seiichi…

:iconebonyphoenix: Shishido Ryou
:iconanimelovermitsuki101: Akutagawa Jirou…
:iconmartian-rose: Tooyama Kintarou…
:iconorechibisama: Chitose Miyuki… ; Chinen Hiroshi…

enko_chan Echizen Ryoga ; Kajimoto Takahisa ; Mizuki Hajime

:iconherostar: Taki Haginosuke…
:iconbaka-lime: Dan Taichi
:iconelven-meito: Kai Yuujirou
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Karen-da-Snowfox Feb 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Let me join!!! ^^

Is Kaidoh there?
We'd love for you to join!
I don't think we have a Kaido yet either~
Karen-da-Snowfox Feb 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I already create an account of Kaidoh Kaoru as you want. Do you mean like this? [link]
Aki-rox-fo-sho Feb 20, 2011  Student General Artist
I'm probably like really behind, but is Eiji taken? Because on the first page of comments someone made an account for him but I don't see it listed on the list 0_0 /confused/ OTL
Ah, that's because I removed it from the list because she dropped the character.
If you want, you can make an account and play as Eiji \8D/
Aki-rox-fo-sho Feb 20, 2011  Student General Artist
ok! I made it! [link] lol
I've added you to the list!
Don't forget to follow the other members to get their updates on the home screen~
Aki-rox-fo-sho Feb 20, 2011  Student General Artist
I did! Thanks :]
Nhaaah... sorry for the Atobe's disapearence. I'll make my best to reply all the questions in box >///<
patrengkee Sep 7, 2010  Student General Artist
Guh... I made Kura inactive... sorry... ;A;

But I still log in sometimes. I just seem invisible because the only person I talk to is Kenya xD
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