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Submitted on
May 22, 2011


Hello again! If my endeavors are successful, this project will now be a joint effort between DeviantART and LiveJournal. I would like to take the time again to advertise TwistServe TCG, which is going through a restructuring phase, so we'd like as many new members as possible before the grand reopening!

As an incentive for participating in this project, as well as other events you might want to look out for, we will be awarding cards and items (TCG currency) to participants~ Of course, you may still participate without joining the TCG, but keep us in mind in case you'd like to join in the future. I know I've bothered a load of you already about joining, but even if you aren't interested at the moment, please spread the word to your friends and those you think may be interested! We look forward to seeing you~

Here is the LiveJournal post to go to for posting your icon (either a link or image will do) if you wish to earn cards and items. Otherwise, please continue posting here and help contribute to the project!

If you're signed up for a character but do not think you can continue, please let me know so I can make the character open for other members again! Thank you!

This is an ongoing mini project for our group. A yearbook page is simply a page with photos of everybody in a class together with their names, and extra pages with photos from throughout the school year or messages between people.

First, we will try to get as many of the 100+ characters drawn, then gather art of characters from each school in one picture, and finally write messages to and by the characters them selves. Icons come first though, so let's work hard!

To sign up for a character, just leave a message on this blog. You can claim up to three characters at a time, but once you have finished one, you can claim another.

Submissions will be in the form of one image each character; 100x100 px; digital or traditional.

Here are just the major characters and those who have been claimed, but you may also submit for all the other minors not listed.

-Tezuka Kunimitsu Perimones…
-Oishi Shuuichirou patrengkee…
-Kawamura Takashi
-Fuji Shuusuke SiliStars
-Kikumaru Eiji Akumaredi…
-Inui Sadaharu nemesisz-moon…
-Kaidou Kaoru Marine-chan
-Momoshiro Takeshi Marine-chan…
-Arai Masashi ShaggyGUILT
-Echizen Ryoma Senkoku…
-Ryuuzaki Sakuno patrengkee…
-Osakada Tomoka Perimones…
-Yamato Yuudai Perimones…

-Tachibana Kippei *smirli*…
-Ibu Shinji Minotme
-Ishida Tetsu WhiteShadowItora
-Kamio Akira Perimones…
-Tachibana An Shirubayuki
-Mori Tatsunori *smirli*

St Rudolph
-Mizuki Hajime unerase
-Kisarazu Atsushi unerase
-Yanagisawa Shinya Marine-chan…
-Akazawa Yoshirou Heurim…
-Fuji Yuuta Marine-chan…

-Akutsu Jin WhiteShadowItora
-Sengoku Kiyosumi unerase…
-Muromachi Touji patrengkee…
-Dan Taichi Minotme

-Atobe Keigo Perimones…
-Akutagawa Jirou Rai-Puppy
-Shishido Ryou Rai-Puppy
-Mukahi Gakuto Reyvwen…
-Oshitari Yuushi Senkoku…
-Kabaji Munehiro
-Ootori Choutarou Perimones…
-Hiyoshi Wakashi Perimones…
-Taki Haginosuke starfireflandre
-Sakaki Tarou (43) unerase…

-Kurobane Harukaze Rai-Puppy
-Itsuki Marehiko
-Kisarazu Ryou unerase
-Saeki Kojirou SiliStars
-Amane Hikaru Marine-chan…
-Aoi Kentarou WhiteShadowItora

-Sanada Genichirou *lucathia*
-Yagyuu Hiroshi Perimones…
-Marui Bunta shadowpheonix64…
-Niou Masaharu Perimones…
-Yukimura Seiichi shadowpheonix64…
-Yanagi Renji inazumaookami
-Jackal Kuwahara patrengkee…
-Kirihara Akaya Reyvwen…

-Kite Eishirou WhiteShadowItora…
-Hirakoba Rin inazumaookami…
-Kai Yuujirou inazumaookami…
-Tanishi Kei WhiteShadowItora…
-Chinen Hiroshi WhiteShadowItora…

-Chitose Senri Senkoku…
-Oshitari Kenya sakura-yuki…
-Shiraishi Kuranosuke SiliStars
-Ishida Gin ShaggyGUILT
-Hitouji Yuuji patrengkee…
-Konjiki Koharu inazumaookami
-Zaizen Hikaru unerase…
-Tooyama Kintarou aquashoyru123
-Chitose Miyuki shadowpheonix64…
-Shiraiahi Yukari ryocutema…
-Watanabe Osamu  ShaggyGUILT

Tokugawa Kazuya Eu9eNi3
[ suggestions open ]
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Eu9eNi3 Jun 18, 2011  Student Digital Artist
i finished my kazuya tokugawa :heart: sorry if it takes so long >.< [link]

emmm.. can i claim another character? is yuki akutsu available? :3
ryocutema May 22, 2011  Student General Artist
Whether Shiraishi Yukari include?
If so, I want to draw her...
Yes, she's available! I've added your name~
ryocutema Jun 4, 2011  Student General Artist
Here I'm done [link]
Just crop the small one...
Uwah~ She's so pretty! *u*
Thank you so much for participating!
ryocutema Jun 11, 2011  Student General Artist
Sankyuu~~~~ :hug:
and you're welcome~ :D
T-this sounds so much fun QAQ <33 Can I join in please? :heart:
I feel the need to complete Shiten orz; *huge Shiten fan* So I'll take Gin-San!~ 8D + Can I add Osamu too? ;v;
And for the third one I'll take Arai~ :>
Of course! Please do~
I'll add you for the three of them~
Eu9eNi3 May 22, 2011  Student Digital Artist
i... is the U-17 selection team available?
i want to claim tokugawa kazuya :heart:
Yes, they're open! I've added you to the list :3
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