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Hey, hope you're all doing well~ I try to check up on all of you from time to time, even if I'm not here to post, so I hope you'll forgive me.

You might have realized that activity in this club is sort of dwindling in terms of contests and events (but not art! You guys are still so awesome about submissions ♥) and that's entirely my fault. I'm a second year college student now, and consider myself lucky if I don't get assignments over holidays so that I can actually draw some, haha.

That said, I think it might be in the best interest of all our members if we could get one or two other administrators to help run this club. If you're interested, please PM me! Really, the only responsibilities would be coming up with ideas for and running contests and events from time to time, maybe two or three times a year like I had been trying to do in the past. Not that much pressure at all, especially if we have more than one new administrator, and I'll still be here to help and bounce ideas off of if you need me.

I just wanted to throw this out there right now, because I understand that it's going to be holiday season soon, and with things like Halloween and Christmas, it's a good opportunity to run events and contests with a theme, but unfortunately I won't have the time to think of something interesting, write a post up, and be here in a timely manner to sort things out and answer questions. This is where it would be great it another admin could step up for the job.

I will still run the Secret Santa Exchange this year though, so look out for a blog post with more information about that near the end of this month/start of next!

♥ Marui-sempai
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chibi-charm Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Student
i would but i dont even participate in events ;w;
XionNight Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you Anyway!
Perimones Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
Admins don't *have* to participate, just help me run them~
chibi-charm Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Student
well true,i guess i'm just not very confident in myself OTL because i'd totally be willing to help you!
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Submitted on
October 5, 2012